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written by KennethSleightedited by Jean Scheidupdated With a ten hour battery life it would seem that there would be no need for an external battery for the iPad, but au contraire, there are several occasions when having a battery backup makes sense. It’s is a perfect companion for hiking, overseas flights, slide of There are hundreds of places that you could go that wouldn t have outlets available for your charging needs and having a portable backup battery saves the day. The top iPad battery backups are reviewed in the following sections.

slide of . New Trent UltraPack IMP Rating For a very good price, . , you can pick up one of the best rated iPad backup batteries on the market today. The New Trent Imp offers up to hours of movie play time on the iPad G which works out to be an recharge. It s also ultra small at . ” x . ” x . ” and weighs in at only ½ a pound so it won t weigh down your backpack. If that was all there was to this battery pack it wouldn’t have made the top but their customer service pushed them to the top.

The New Trent customer service is simply amazing. They are prompt often returning email questions within the hour and extremely helpful. After over reviews ngoctina on Amazon, it has an almost perfect star rating. A great product with even better service – this one is a real winner. slide of . HyperMac MBP Rating HyperMac offers four different iPad backup batteries. They range from Watt Hours to Watt Hours. The best value here is the Wh device that retails for . . It weighs in at a very luggable .

pounds and delivers a whopping hours of backup life – that s five times the battery life of the iPad itself.